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  • Up-to-date list of nearly 170
    communication channels
  • Comes handy during brainstorms
    and strategic meetings
  • nvaluable inspiration booster for you
    and your team
  • Simple way to discover
    and benefit from new 360° tools

ABOUT or what Brand Communication Channels is

ABOUT or what Brand Communication Channels is

Over the last few years, the communication channels that brands can use to interact with audiences have proliferated at a rate that may be hard to keep up with. This is why we have taken on the challenge to categorize and arrange all this information. After a long period of data gathering and processing, we have created a streamlined and easy-to-use map of communication channels that aims to be exhaustive as possible at the same time.

It’s an excellent source of inspiration and everyday field guide for a range of marketing contexts, an ideal tool for:

  • trainers,
  • brand managers,
  • media planners,
  • students and practitioners of marketing,
  • advertising, PR, social media, event, interactive, and related agencies,
  • those whose responsibilities include communication strategy and message design

The map makes it easier to navigate across an entire spectrum of instruments afforded by the market and helps harness their full potential more effectively. We have included well-established communication channels side by side with some which may go beyond accepted definitions. This is because we believe the latter offer opportunities that are worth considering.

We expect the map to constantly evolve, reflecting the evolution in the field of marketing communication itself. One way to stay in the loop about new trends is to subscribe to our newsletter or Facebook page.

Brand Communication Channels has proved to be a helpful and inspiring tool in my work to date. I hope it turns out to be useful to you as well.

Tomasz Graszewicz Managing and Strategy Director
Agency Up


  • Learning

    Anyone considering a 360° campaign could benefit from seeing all the possibilities laid out before them. Our map is a unique, comprehensive catalogue of communication channels – a natural go-to resource for marketing students and practitioners, as well as an aid for trainers and speakers.

  • Inspiration

    When brainstorming, it’s virtually impossible to contemplate all the communication channels on the go. Once the idea is decided on, one looks to flesh it out. This where our map can help, stimulating the search for new solutions. It’s a great tool for agencies and marketing departments.

  • Analysis

    The map can help you realize your brand may have not explored some of the promising avenues yet. You might also find channels you were not familiar with, opening up completely new possibilities. As a result, the map can prove to be an indispensible aid for every brand manager.


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